Posted by: danlwarren | August 9, 2010

Curacao days three and four

Here’s a set of pictures from days three and four.  Teresa and I were mainly busy trying out some methods for collecting behavioral data, but I did manage to snap a few pictures.  Some are from Playa Jeremi, others from Playa Lagun.

The bluespotted coronetfish are particularly cool to see in action.  They move like some weird hybrid of a fish and a squid – a fid, maybe, or perhaps a squish.  The largest one in these pictures was about five and a half feet long.  According to our field guide, that’s quite large for this species.

As for the actual science going on in these dives, we’re basically just trying to figure out the best way to measure territoriality and sperm competition in the blueheads.  We’ve tried a bunch of ideas at this point, and we’re planning to have a sit-down with Peter Wainwright when he gets here to discuss which method we’re going to pursue for the rest of the trip.


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